Elevate North Texas stands in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Elevate North Texas is an affirming SAFE space

A SAFE space is a place intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations. We aim to create SAFE spaces both mentally and physically for LGBTQ+ youth in North Texas.


“Elevate North Texas stands in support of the transgender community in Texas. Recently, the Governor of Texas sent a letter to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services that directly targets families providing gender-affirming care to transgender youth under the age of 18. He has instructed the department to “conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of any reported instances of these abusive procedures in the State of Texas,” effectively declaring the provision of life-saving, gender-affirming medical care to transgender youth to be child abuse. 


When we talk about preventing youth homelessness, the first and most important factor is family love and acceptance. More than half of the young adults that come through our shelter have been rejected from their family due to being LGBTQ+, and this hostility towards LGBTQ+ youth from the Texas government has a direct influence on these family dynamics. This directive from the Governor goes one step further to intentionally attack loving, accepting families who are already doing everything they can to support and care for their trans children.


At Elevate North Texas, we believe that everyone deserves unconditional love in order to thrive, and we stand with the transgender youth and their families affected by this letter. Your support of Elevate means support for all youth in need.” 

– Elevate North Texas Board of Directors

LGBTQ+ Statistics

  • 120% higher risk of homelessness
  • 64% exposed to discrimination/stigma within family (vs. 37%)
  • 62% physically harmed by others (vs. 47%)
  • 38% forced to have sex (vs. 15%)


First and foremost, “young people want to be accepted and seen not simply for their sexual orientation or gender identity, but as holistic and valuable human beings with multidimensional identities and stories of both struggle and resilience.”

— Chapin Hall, “Missed Opportunities…” 2018

The Impact

LGBTQ+ youth are:

  • At a higher risk of experiencing homelessness
  • Navigating an unfinished and imperfect system
  • More vulnerable within that system 

As caring adults and service providers, we should: 

  • Remain aware of LGBTQ youth’s experiences
  • Educate ourselves on systems of oppression faced by youth in our care
  • Work to bridge gaps and create more inclusive spaces in our communities, at all levels
  • Encourage a community response that loves, values, and celebrates the LGBTQ+ experience